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Here's a collection of chats and interviews about living intentionally and working through the everyday challenges we all face - with some humor and fun along the way! Feel free to SHARE. I always love hearing your feedback & continuing the conversation together. Reach out anytime! ??

Twins Talk It Up with David & Danny Suk Brown

Join me for a lively chat with Danny & David Suk Brown. We discussed the potential danger of "to do lists", why choosing happy doesn't mean life is perfect, the dreaded F-word (not the one you're probably thinking of), why even millionaires can use coaches and much more! Hope it gets you thinking! 

A Candid Conversation

with Scott Aaron


Excited to share a candid conversation I had with Network Marketing guru & author Scott Aaron on his podcast. We talked about living intentionally, getting out of your own way & hands-on action tips to make it through these crazy times. Hope you enjoy it. 

BlogTalk Radio's

"Me, G-d, and a Cup of Coffee"


Wendy discusses life, facing fears, creating relationships, & why "happy over perfect" matters. 

"Going North" Podcast

with host Dominique Brightmon


Wendy shares her thoughts on musical vision boards, cell phones and more!. 

A Conversation with Nicki Sanders Leadership Consulting


Nicki and Wendy dive into a discussion about women and leadership. Why do women make good leaders? What's the difference beteen leaders and managers? And most importantly....where can you get a delicious cupcake locally! 

A "True Conversation"


I had the pleasure of sitting down to talk with True Conversations CEO, Meghan Enriquez. In this episode, we discuss what true success looks like in my world, breaking through the "busy syndrome", choosing happy over perfect, the challenges of raising kids, and a whole lot more! 


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